EWA beverage bottled water atlanta GA


EWA Beverage Group, Inc. is proud to partner with several of the finest bottling companies in the United States. The following describes the key characteristics of three of our major partners.

The first bottler is located in Tennessee in the Great Smoky Mountains, whose spring has been a discovered source of water since 1883. The spring is a crystal clear spring that old timers refer to as the "Promised Land." This bottling facility proudly boasts the fact that they bottle "at the source" to bring their customers water that is "engineered by nature, and bottled with perfection." As a co-packaging facility, they offer state-of-the-art equipment using a 9-step process to filter the spring water with thelast stop being sub-micron filtration which surpasses the standards set by the government for bottled water. They were the Gold Metal Winner at the Berkeley Spring Water International Competition.

A second partner uses Appalachian Springs for all of its spring water sources. The area is called the "the Valley Above the Clouds" because of its high elevation of 3260' above sea level. The spring is located near the top of the Appalachian Trail. The high elevation and abundance of water allows a steady stream to flow, and has provided the purest drinking water for more than 75 years. The water is one of the purest springs in the Eastern United States. The naturally occurring TDS (total dissolved solids) in their water is 17ppm (parts per million), which is extraordinary. TDS is a benchmark measurement used in the bottled water industry to express its purity. Average tap water is in the 200-300 ppm range.

Another of EWA's partners is located in eastern Maryland. This bottling plant offers ultra-purified and spring water of the highest quality. The water is carefully ultra-purified using micro-particle / carbon filtration and reverse osmosis, and is assured pure by both UV-light treatment and ozonation. The company uses only state-of-the art bottling and ultra-purification technology to produce the best tasting and purest drinking water available.

Additionally, EWA Beverage Group, Inc. uses other excellent bottlers in California and Texas.

EWA Beverage Group in Atlanta, GA, is a minority small business
specializing in bottled water & beverage sales, and custom-labeled bottled water.